“Selfie with Hoody” 100x100cm, acrylic on canvas 2012



Random > Internet > Portraits

Real > Internet > Persons

Random > Internet > Perverts

Real > Internet > Propaganda

Real > Internet > Politics

Random > Internet > Plagiarism

Repulsive > Internet > Population 



R>I>P> Examines the emergence of the internet and the new randomness of images, the new iconic values of pixels, the abundance of new imagery, the power and expression of new images and the dark side of new images.

The selfie, the portrait of a mass murderer, the Polaroids by Andy Warhol, a gay man that was beaten. All on a single screen in any random order.
Since the invention of the internet  the way we  consume images altered drastically. Context faded, new juxtapositions occurred randomly, do we still know what, who or why we see the things we see?

The series R> I> P> unites incompatible images in its own way and gives new context to the contextless.


‘Andy and Bianca’ in my workshop in Amsterdam